CADE Event Registration Procedures Updates

Updates are effective October 6, 2013


In January 2012 the Center for Alcohol and Drug Education (CADE) came under new leadership with the hiring of Alexis Janda, Associate Director. Alexis brought a focus on policy and procedure to GW as many other institutions have similarly been evaluating and updating alcohol policies. A recent example is Bucknell University in PA which announced multiple changes to policies and procedures related to alcohol on August 1, 2013 ( 


Since Alexis’ arrival, she has overseen the management of over 700 event registration packets and has spent countless hours meeting with GW students and staff, as well as colleagues around the country to update and enhance our alcohol policies and event registration procedures.  For example, in conjunction with GW Office of the General Counsel, GW Risk Management, GW Police Department and DC Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA), Alexis has been working to better align GW policy and procedures with DC laws and regulations. 


After gathering a great deal of useful  feedback from GW stakeholders and reviewing best practices through benchmarking other campuses, Alexis recently took a collection of recommendations to student leaders that most frequently utilize the event registration procedures, including Greek Life, the Student Association and GW Law. These meetings were intended to solicit additional feedback on the recommendations before final decisions were made and to gather any additional implementation ideas designed to streamline the registration process while keeping the health and safety of the students a top priority. 


Event Registration Procedure updates to be implemented focus on 3 main areas, including:
  • Event Registration Enhancements,
  • Risk Reduction Modifications and
  • Continued Evaluation. 


Event Registration Enhancements:
  1. Enhancement in CADE services.  CADE elevated an administrative assistant position into a program coordinator position to improve customer service and support additional programmatic efforts.
  2. Updated Responsible Alcohol Managers (RAM) ratios to better reflect graduate and undergraduate student needs. New RAM requirements at events will be 1:50 for graduate students and 1:25 for undergraduate students.
  3. Fewer student signatures required. Individual RAM’s will no longer be required to sign event registration paperwork.
  4. Streamlined RAM program.  CADE will better promote the “test-out” option for students needing to become RAM re-certified. Additionally CADE will continue working with the Greek Community, Law and Graduate students to meet the unique needs of each population. CADE will continue to streamline the RAM training program to improve the experience for students. 
  5. Shorter deadline for submitting registration paperwork. Registration paperwork is due to CSE Student Advising Team (SAT) advisors for review 9 business days in advance of an event. Once reviewed, SAT advisors will submit the paperwork to the CADE office for final registration.  
  6. Enhanced event registration resources for students.  CADE has created a thorough event registration checklist and “How To” documents located on the CADE website to make the process smoother and easier to understand. 
  7. Strategic posting of registered events on CADE website. CADE will post a registered events list on Fridays at 3pm to allow community members to review upcoming Sunday – Saturday events.
Risk Reduction Modifications:
  1. Emphasis on Event Management.  Student organizations will provide primary and secondary contacts to promote better event management by the event sponsor/host. These two student leaders will be the main point of contact during the event, able to assist venue staff or others with issues, should any arise.
  2. Required Alcohol service by licensed vendor. Clarifying current University practices to ensure safe and responsible alcohol distribution.
  3. Modified Drink Ticket Distribution Method.  To assist with responsible alcohol management, activities where the sponsor/host will be purchasing drinks for their guests will use drink tickets to limit consumption.
  4. Increased risk reduction measures for Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB) events. During the Fall 2013 semester, while the newly developed CADE Review Committee discusses various alcohol distribution methods, those groups registering BYOB events will have added requirements to obtain event registration approval based on national best practices such as additional education and enhanced pre and post event materials.
  5. Additional conversations with Event Authorities. An “Event Authority Agreement” has been added to the Event Registration paperwork to assist students in communicating the expectations of Event Authorities providing security services at events not held in University owned or operated buildings. 
Looking Ahead:
  1. Requirement for food and non-alcoholic beverages at events. Beginning in the fall of 2014, event sponsors/hosts will need to provide food and non-alcoholic beverages.  The delay in this requirement allows time for student organizations to request and plan budgets for any additional costs that may be associated. Many Social Greek Organizations already have this requirement in place. 
Continued Evaluation
Appointment of a CADE Event Registration Review Committee.  CADE will convene a committee of students, staff and faculty to review the implemented recommendations and continue conversations started through this process.  CADE will work with the Student Association, Greek Life, GW Law, and others to form this committee early this academic year.
CADE welcomes any questions via email at or phone at 202-994-2599.